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Hello World, It’s Time To Wake Up and Smell The Corruption!

Hello, world. Wake up! Wake up to the ugly reality of how the United States of Corporations works today – Corporatocracy. It is a finely tuned system of organized oppression fueled by the religion of Capitalism that has been “perfected” for more than 100 years.

Early in the 20th century, corporate rulers learned an insidious new way of programming people to behave in a way in which financial predators could take advantage of them more easily and turn obscene profits. A clever propaganda artist by the name of Edward Bernays borrowed some techniques from his uncle, Sigmund Freud, and developed a way to manipulate people through their emotions – specifically fear, hate, jealousy and greed.

He formulated a system, which he marketed to corporations, that targeted people based on what products could be sold to them. This system was designed to predict and manipulate people’s behavior by working on their emotions in various ways. He first gained recognition on Wall St. and Madison Ave. by convincing a large group of women who were participating in a women’s rights demonstration down Broadway in NYC to light cigarettes simultaneously.

This presentation was marketed to the women participating in the demonstration as a way to project power – supposedly allowing them to feel and show that they were as strong & independent as men. They were convinced that it would be a symbolic way to show the world that they, too, had the right to do what men were allowed to do – smoke cigarettes as well as vote.

In reality, it was done simply to increase the market for tobacco manufacturers. The effect was that today more than 70,000 women die from lung cancer every year – and the number is INCREASING. However, the tobacco corporations – true to the Capitalist dogma of effeciency being important and people being nothing more than resources to plunder –  have given little thought to that detail as they’ve made billions of dollars on the sickness & misery they’ve helped spread.

The billionaires who run oil corporations have cleverly lied to, and manipulated the emotions of, U.S. citizens just as long. They built a cartel – which is at odds with the U.S. Constitution – while young men and women were dying overseas in war to protect the corporate executives’ right to make their billions on the backs of the working class. They colluded with U.S. auto manufacturers to pay gangsters to sabotage trolly systems in various U.S. cities to cut down on competition with their products. They have overthrown democratically elected leaders of oil producing nations many times and installed violent, oppressive dictators who shared their sociopathic sickness of attaining wealth no matter what the cost to their fellow citizens. They have consistently purchased seats of governmental power through election fraud and inundation of the media with propaganda, destroyed the careers of people who dared challenge their authority and worked to suppress human rights around the world – without the slightest hint of showing remorse. All in the name of corporate profit.

The Insurance Cartel is another interesting piece of the puzzle in this systematic corporate attack on the rights of human beings. They have partnered with bankers – an inbreeding of industries that has spawned the most vile, anti-human behavior in modern history. For decades, U.S. insurance companies have purchased legislation in a relentless attack on the working class that has actually resulted in the U.S. having more preventable deaths than any other industrialized nation on the planet.  Arrogant, bloodthirsty Insurance Company Death Panels have quietly, but firmly, situated themselves between the U.S. people and their doctors. Heartless businessmen with no experience in health care are making life and death decisions on people they will never meet. They don’t look at their fellow citizens as people – we are merely numbers. Numbers that add up to an increase in corporate profits whenever someone with a serious illness can be denied coverage for any number of reasons thought up in sterile business meetings.

Most insidious of all is the fact that huge, multinational  corporations have purchased the majority of mainstream media (and, thereore, a majority of the minds of the masses) in the U.S. – allowing them to convince a large share of the U.S. public that this heinous behavior is lowering the cost of health care in the U.S. when, in fact, it actually increases it significantly.

Corporate executives have managed to avoid taking responsibility for their actions in building this immoral system of Corporatocracy by hiring countless lobbyists to do their bidding on all levels of government throughout the world. One of the clever weapons at their disposal in this war on the working class is a treacherous organization known as the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC, as it is commonly referred to, is a network of corporate executives and former legislators (who were actually working for corporations while in office) who write legislation and have their current employees in government positions facilitate these pieces of Congressional subterfuge through the normal channels of bureaucracy. Though it is highly unethical and against the very principles most U.S. citizens purport to stand for, it is very effective.

There are countless other industries in which sadistic, immoral behavior is considered “business as usual” by modern standards. The WallStreet/Madison Ave. Indoctrination Process has conditioned most U.S. citizens and many people of other nations to lose touch with their compassion – and their humanity – as it spreads this poisonous “religion” commonly referred to as Capitalism. Most people feel they have no choice but to join the congregation and shape their views and actions according to the commandments of the “priesthood”. Adhering to this dogmatic system of questionable “values” is tantamount to participating in slavery. While that may seem like an exaggeration, controlling virtually every aspect of life of a contained population is precisely what slaveholders did for centuries. If controlling how the individuals in a population earn a living and acquire necessities such as housing, food and clothing isn’t a modern form of slavery, then what is?

People need to find hope and strength in their hearts and learn to take more control over their lives. We cannot admire our “masters”. And, we cannot fear them. Maybe, we need to escape our comfortable, brightly lit cages and choose freedom.

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